In this space I will be introducing the members of my band in loose succession:

Tobias Backhaus – drums

Who should I call?

Who got THAT groove, who is Jazz, who’s got that sound?

Those were my questions looking for a drummer.

‘Tobias Backhaus!’ – was the reply I got from whoever I asked. And they were damn right: Tobias is a great great musician and pal.

Which 3 recordings would you take with you to the mythical desert island?

OK, let’s get straight to the crunch…Three…that’s not many… So it would have to be recordings on which you discover new things, new details and nuances even after the thousandth listen. And, of course, with all the music out there, my choices would probably vary day by day. My choices for today:

Terry Gibbs Dream Band Vol. 1 – You can’t go to a desert island without a big band, can you?! Mel Lewis on drums, Conte Candoli on lead trumpet, arrangements by Bill Holman, Bob Brookmeyer and Al Cohn…what more could you ask for?! And Mel is playing his tail off!!!

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 9 – Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Claudio Abbado. I don’t think I have to explain this one…

Aaaaand I’d probably need some Beatles! Today’s tendency would be towards Revolver. But every album is great. Hey, could I just take a box set???

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Darmstadt, a small town close to Frankfurt am Main.

What brought you to music?

My mother is a very musical person who used to play church organ and piano and is an avid hobby singer. She sent me to pre-school music ed when I was very young. Of course, when asked if I wanted to learn an instrument, it just couldn’t be one of the instruments my mother played – so, much to my neighbours’ dismay, I took up drum lessons. My pre-school teacher thought I had a good feeling for rhythm…???

What are the highlights of your own musical experiences?

Every concert with great musicians in front of an enthusiastic audience is a highlight!! Be it a sold out night in the Cologne Philharmonic with Till Brönner and his Orchestra, touring Japan with Cyminology or a gig in a small club in Berlin with my buddies playing our favourite jazz songs. I feel very fortunate to be able to work with so many great musicians and wonderful human beings!

What do you find most special about Me&You or the project itself?

Edward’s music really has a unique sound to it. Think understatement; simplicity without being monotonous. But on the other hand he writes things (including composed drum beats!) which are not at all easy to pull off. Some tunes may sound deceptively simple – but at second sight (or listen) there is quite a bit more going on than what one might have thought.

That was Tobias….

Here is another recording from my album Me&You. The song “Resistance” is the only number that we recorded as a trio – with Christian Kögel on guitar and Tobias on drums. Have a listen; I don’t think I need to explain why I am so pleased to have him in my band:

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