Söhne Mannheims  // New Fire

In einer Zeit, in der Politiker auf Waffen statt Worte setzen, stimmen die Söhne nicht in das
Kriegsgeheul ein, sondern erheben ihre Stimmen: “Warum sollten wir nicht hoffen, auch
wenn‘s grad hoffnungslos erscheint? Warum nicht an das Gute glauben, dass Liebe stärker ist
als jeder Feind? ” fragt Söhne-Sänger Dominic Sanz in “New Fire”. Und Michael Klimas und
Karim Amun singen es in der zweiten Strophe auf den Punkt: “Was hat unsere Welt verändert?
Nicht der Zynismus, sondern Utopien! Lass‘ mal Unmögliches möglich machen – so wie Ghandi
und Martin Luther King”.

Söhne Mannheims  // Mut

Erst die Pandemie mit Isolationund dem Verlust von Freiheit–jetzt die Ohnmacht gegenüber einem Krieg, der nur Verlierer kennt. “Vieles erscheint gerade hoffnungslos –da wollte ich einen Song schreiben, der uns allen Mut macht und daran erinnert, dass zusammen alles gut werden kann” sagt Söhne-Sängerund Songschreiber Giuseppe “Gastone” Porrello.”

Söhne Mannheims // Am Andern Ende der Welt
Produziert wurde der Song vom langjährigen Söhne-Sänger und Songschreiber Michael
Klimas. Entstanden ist “Am andern Ende der Welt” bei einer Songwriting-Session im Studio des
Frankfurter Singer/Songwriters Giuseppe “Gastone” Porrello. “Es ist ein extrem
persönliches Lied”, sagt Giuseppe und Karim Amun ergänzt: “Das andere Ende der Welt
kann für jeden etwas anderes bedeuten. Für uns als Band steckt da sehr viel Positives drin,
wenn man die Chance nutzt, nach einer schmerzhaften Erfahrung ganz neu zu starten.”

Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department // Lass Los
written by Phallée & Edward Maclean
produced by Edward Maclean
mixed by Michael Klimas


Meet Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department

Söhne Mannheims // 1 Mio Lieder
Klar, es gibt schon eine Million Liebeslieder. Aber es gab noch nie eine Zeit, in der Lovesongs so wichtig waren, wie in Zeiten von Kontaktverboten, die Millionen Menschen in die Vereinsamung treiben. “Nach unseren Protestsongs ‘Moral‘ und ‘Miracle‘ glätten wir jetzt die Wogen und strecken die Hände aus“, erklärt Michael Klimas, langjähriger Sänger der Söhne Mannheims. „Mit unserer neuen Single wollen wir Menschen zusammenbringen und uns bedanken – bei allen, die zusammenhalten, um diese Krise zu überstehen.“


Meet Söhne Mannheims

Schwarze Adler

A documentary on Black soccer players in the national team – a kind of oral history of Black Germans.
Which makes this work a matter of heart for Edward.
He teamed up with the great Hannah Von Hübbenet to write and produce music for this movie.

Meet Hannah Von Hübbenet


Schwarze Adler

A documentary on Black soccer players in the national team – a kind of oral history of Black Germans.
Which makes this work a matter of heart for Edward.
He teamed up with the great Hannah Von Hübbenet to write and produce music for this movie.

Meet Hannah Von Hübbenet

Söhne Mannheims

The new single Miracle!
Written by Metaphysics, Gastone & Klimas.
Produced by Michael Klimas & Edward.

Meet Söhne Mannheims

Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department

listen to the 2nd track – a pre release of their forthcoming album.
A hunting ballad with a powerful message: Volle Kraft Voraus!

Meet Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department

Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department

Söhne Mannheims – Jazz?

Edward was commissioned to re-arrange Söhne Mannheim classics and produce this album.

‘I had a terrific time with these wonderful musicians. And I hope we can present this live at some post-Covid times…’

Check out their first single ‘Das Hat Die Welt Noch Nicht Gesehen’.

Meet Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department


Söhne Mannheims 3.0

2020 – Söhne Mannheims are back. After going through a bit of a rough patch they released their single ‘Moral’, which has been produced by Michael Klimas and Edward. They also recorded a streaming concert in the midst of the Corona craziness – without audience but available for everyone. Edward served as musical director and together with the band they created a great night of music

Meet Michael Klimas und Söhne Mannheims

Maclean: The Orbit feat. Dana Shanti

produced by Niklas Kleber

With my shoes  On the ground  Here and now  With my mind
Finding space  In the clouds


Meet  Dana Shanti  & Niklas Kleber

Maclean: The Awakening feat. Fountain

It’s arriving … the soft pulsations of the human ability to self heal. Perhaps the earth is echoing.

Meet Fountain

Maclean: Dark Star Night feat. Fountain

How far will we let doubt hinder our choices?
Dark Star Night is about life’s magical ability to offer infinite possibilities. 
Producer Edward Maclean and Berliner vocalist, lyricist and artist Fountain
met 2 decades ago. Just recently they decided to unite their creative forces and see where the flow would take them. Pop, Jazz, Electronica, R&B, Experimental – their music is as diverse as their roots and as the choices they made on their journey through life.


Meet Fountain

The Royal Dust and Fischer & Kleber Reworks

Release date: 26.1.2018

Edward collaborated with Miguel Toro a.k.a. The Royal Dust and Fischer & Kleber in various settings.

Now they remixed some of his tracks.

From Jazz to Deep House, Experimental Lounge and Electro.


Meet The Royal Dust and Fischer & Kleber

cd-cover-edward-maclean-The-Royal-Dust-And-Fischer-&-Kleber-Reworks-r3w -ecords-2018

Me & You Revisited

Release date: 3.11.2017

How do the songs of ‘Me & You’ sound in an intimate version?

Edward invited Christian Kögel and his Dobro guitar to contemplate on that question while tracking.

Meet Christian Kögel

“It’s not about romance and candlelight – Me&You looks into the ways people encounter one another.” 

Edward Maclean Me And You

January 2017 sees the release of bassist Edward Maclean’s Me&You, the second LP in his own name. Underlining his standout signature, the profound and masterful album interweaves the sounds of our times with inspiration from the seventies.

Infectious groove-centred compositions meet deep ballads, with hymnal passages lining up alongside almost meditative vibes.

Maclean’s album title invokes a direct form of communication, without agendas or preconceived thought patterns, without listening expectations. That idea is reflected in his work – making music up close to the listener and intensely personal.

more videos:

Edward Maclean live

Track by Track – Edward talks about his songs en detail

Edward Maclean Me And You

Christian Kögel on guitar and drummer Tobias Backhaus were on board for the first album, now joined by tenor saxophonist Sebastian Borkowski and keyboarder and pianist Matti Klein. These four superb musicians bring together stage experience ranging from Jerri Granelli to Till Brönner all the way to Mo’Blow and Jazzanova.

Edward Maclean has played with Peter Fox, Dendemann, Nils Wülker, Jessica Gall and the Söhne Mannheims. He’s in great demand on electric and double bass for his rock-solid timing and the grounded basslines and tuneful solos he brings to the stage. Maclean’s main priority, though, is always a band’s overall sound. Coupled with his engaging communication style, this makes him a much-valued musical director. During his impressive career as a sideman, his focus has shifted increasingly towards composing and producing, resulting in his 2013 debut album Edward Maclean’s Adoqué.

Edward Maclean has expertly circumnavigated the dangers of the difficult second album. Me&You exudes relaxed nonchalance, grounded on absolute dedication and confident trust in what comes to pass.

Edward Maclean Band

A master of ambience” Die Welt

“A jazz highlight that is wonderfully open. Simply ageless.” NDRinfo

“The Sound of Edward Maclean has a unique depth, warmth and colour that is sombre but profoundly optimistic.” Robert Ratajczak

“Great musicians, artful booklet, awesome compositions.” Gitarre&Bass 4/2013
“His songs are courageously authentic while tacking surprising twist and turns.” **** JazzThetik 01/02.13

“His quintet travels through soundscapes between the possibilities of Jazz and the accessibility of Pop -while never loosing cohesion and class. A magnificent debut!” Audiophil#21

“A true slowburner…the songs draw you deeper each time.” DeutschlandRadio Kultur

“Adoqué is a mature, riveting and with it’s calming force captivating debut.” Nordsee Zeitung