Welcome to my Tiny Lesson on how to put first things first. 

I assume you are reading this tutorial
  • because you do know that  there’s more to your day, your week, your life
  • because you have the feeling that you are not yet really doing what you should be doing or would love to be doing
  • or to put it simple: because you want to get more bang

Here are  6 steps which help you to get it going, to put your first things first in your life.


1. Create clarity!
  • please grab pen and paper, divide the page into tow columns: heading for column 1 is important, for column 2 is urgent.
  • now find out, what of the things you are doing or should or would love to be doing in our life are urgent and which are important
  • one rule of thumb is: if poeple want/need something from you – that is most probably urgent. If – on the other hand – it is your wish, it comes from within, it is you desire, idea – that is important!


2: From the important list: chose your #1 priority
  • do not judge at this point: no ‚what am I thinking‘ – no ‚that’s impossible‘ Nothing of that sort: Declare your #1 priority and mark it with a big circle


3. Declare your diamond hour of the day
  • what is the diamond hour? That is the time of the day when you feel most productive, fresh, brimming with ideas. For some it’s in the morning right before breakfast, for some it’s late at night
  • whatever it is, make sure you know what your diamond hour is


4. Mark it in your calendar
  • mark that diamond hour in your calendar and put your #1 priority, the most important thing in there.
  • if you’re diamond hour happens to be booked already, try to change that. If this does not work choose another time of the day. Mark it in your calendar, even if it is only 15 minutes
  • make sure you have the next 14 days covered

5. While your at it, avoid distractions at all costs

  • put your phone in flight  mode and put it where you can’t reach it, preferably in another room
  • get rid of distracting stuff in your viewing field ( close unnecessary browser windows, clean your desk)


6. Do not break the chain
  • mark each day you worked on your Number 1 priority with a big X in your calendar. You will see a chain evolving. Do not break that chain


Quick recap:
  1. make a list of what is important  and what is urgent
  2. declare your #1 priority from your important list
  3. define your diamond hour
  4. mark your #1 priority in your calendar, if possible in that diamond hour
  5. avoid distractions
  6. do not break the chain


Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my Tiny Lesson.
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