On this page you will find original music released by the Hamburg based label r3w-records.
It has been curated and presented especially for directors and music supervisors
looking for sync jazz music in various styles to underline their visual concepts.

sync music Jazz

Edward Maclean founded r3w records to create a platform for music which is too delicate or special for mainstream music business.
His main objective is emotional deepth: „I am longing for music which resonates with me long after having listened to a recording. Space is as important, I enjoy listening to how each artists presented here defines open space in her own manner.“
The excellent sonic quality and the spheric sound cater to visual display of landscape and human interplay on various levels.

Slow groovy & spheric jazz

This is music from Edward Maclean’s second album Me & You.

You will hear instrumental jazz – somewhere between Medeski,Martin & Wood, Americana and 70ties Soulmusic. Beautiful melodies and excellent sound make these recordings a must have. Maclean’s band members‘ credits include Germany’s premier acts Till Brönner, Peter Fox and Mo’Blow and international artists Ed Motta and Jerry Granelli. This music is about taste and understatement, the message is brought across in a delicate but strong manner.

master use rights: r3w records (Edward Maclean)

sync rights: Edition Wortgewandt

contact: mail to Edward Maclean

Edward Maclean’s Adoqué is his debut album as leader.

This recording presents very spheric and spacious jazz, sometimes indulging trance like moments.

German’s national newspaper Die Welt calls him „A master of ambience“. Audiophil, a must have for Hi-Fi nerds writes: “His quintet travels through soundscapes between the possibilities of Jazz and the accessibility of Pop -while never loosing cohesion and class. A magnificent debut!”

master use rights: r3w records (Edward Maclean)

sync rights: Edward Maclean

contact: mail to Edward Maclean

Electronica / Jazz

The Abstract Earth

is a berlin based formation around musician and producer Charles Matuschewski exploring the borders between jazz and contemporay club music.

The electronic surrounding created by synths and keys is modulating the landscape for trumpet and sax. They enter this landscape and go on expedition with their deep breathing melodies interacting with its shape creating a living environment.

This sound comes at hand if one is looking for extraordinary music which is always up to the sound of now.

master use rights: r3w records (Edward Maclean)

sync rights: Charles Matuschewski

contact: mail to Edward Maclean

Check out lively and vibrant remixes by Edward Maclean and by Vinterkint, one of Berlins outstanding underground producers.

You will hear Acoustic House and Industrial, the latter introducing warm vocals by Vinterkint himself.

master use rights: r3w records (Edward Maclean)

sync rights: Edward Maclean, Lani Ajibose

contact: mail to Edward Maclean

Vocal Jazz

Florian Trübsbach with Shannon Callahan:

Listen to vocal jazz at it’s best, up to date and very touching.

Shannon Callahan’s angel like voice is sometimes reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and never fails to stir long lost emotions.

master use rights: r3w records (Edward Maclean)

sync rights: Florian Trübsbach, Shannon Callahan

contact: mail to Edward Maclean

Resistance by Edward Maclean, moving canvas by Detlef Günther