A master of ambience” Die Welt

“A jazz highlight that is wonderfully open. Simply ageless.” NDRinfo

“The Sound of Edward Maclean has a unique depth, warmth and colour that is sombre but profoundly optimistic.” Robert Ratajczak

“Great musicians, artful booklet, awesome compositions.” Gitarre&Bass 4/2013

“His songs are courageously authentic while tacking surprising twist and turns.” **** JazzThetik 01/02.13

“His quintet travels through soundscapes between the possibilities of Jazz and the accessibility of Pop -while never loosing cohesion and class. A magnificent debut!” Audiophil#21

“A true slowburner…the songs draw you deeper each time.” DeutschlandRadio Kultur

“Adoqué is a mature, riveting and with it’s calming force captivating debut.” Nordsee Zeitung