Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department

my latest work as arranger and producer

Söhne Mannheims (Sons of Mannheim) is a famous German Pop Band which goes back 25 years. There are actually some serious Jazzheads in the band but until now there was no Jazz to be heard on any recording – neither a female voice. So it was about time to gain a new perspective on the band’s ouvre. This is where I come in: I was commissioned to arrange and produce this record.
The Jazz Department includes longtime members of Söhne Mannheims – Michael Klimas on vocals, Michael Koschorreck on guitar, Ralf Gustke on drums. Metaphysics with a stellar Rap performance  and myself, being their bassist and musical director for the past 8 years. We invited Ulf Kleiner on piano and Wurlitzer and Phalleé – one of Germany’s most prolific jazz singers. She took on the task to add a female view to the lyrics of Söhne Mannheims.
Last week the album was released – I couldn’t be any happier!

Söhne Mannheims Jazz Department at the recording studio - ©Thommy Mardo