Edward Maclean’s Adoqué live in Berlin, 10.6.2016

it´s been a minute or two, but we´re back!
June 10th at Berlin’s hottest Jazz Club ZigZag
Tobias Backhaus on bassdrum, snaredrum, floor tom, hihat and cymbals
Maik Schott on a bunch of different keyboards and grand piano
Sebastian Borkowski on various saxophones
Christian Kögel on guitar, he might even bring a second one
and me and myself on electric and double bass

We´re gonna play the very best of my debut album ‘Edward Maclean’s Adoqué‘ aaaaand
new stuff, which we will record later this summer.
I can´t wait to be on stage with these great gentlemen again.

And no excuse – the ZigZag is gonna charge you no entrance fee, and still you can reserve seats… you better hurry.